Thinking of Selling?

Let us take the hassle out of selling your watch.

1. What determines the value of my watch when I try and sell it?

There are four determining factors that affect the value of your watch when trying to sell it. They are: Make and Model, Age, Condition, Papers.

2. I don’t have my original box and papers, will this affect the value of my trade in? And if so, how much?

Yes, it does affect the trade in. It depends on the watch and make. For example, on a Rolex, not having papers can affect the value $500-$1,000, each watch is different. Papers are more important than the box. Box and packaging hold no value for us.

3. Do I need to service my watch before I sell it?

No. We will verify your watch upon arrival and ensure it is keeping proper time and working properly. If the watch is in need of service, we will send it out for repair after we purchase the watch.

4. What if my watch is damaged or lost during shipping?

We have shipped thousands of watches across the world and have never had a damaged or lost watch. However, if it were to occur, we insure every watch to 100% of the value of the quote we provided you. Rest easy, our shipping process is safe and secure.


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